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Welcome to Dental Team of Ocala, where our dedication to your smile transformation is led by our expert, Dr. Montoya, a seasoned implant specialist. 

If you’re considering dental implants in Ocala, FL, you’re likely seeking not just an improvement in function but a complete revival of your smile. Dr. Montoya’s extensive experience in large-scale implant cases—including implant-supported bridges, full arch restorations, and a variety of other implant procedures—ensures personalized, cutting-edge care tailored to meet your needs.

About Dental Implants

Dental implants represent a transformative solution for individuals facing tooth loss, providing a durable foundation for artificial teeth that meticulously mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth. Composed of biocompatible titanium, these implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone. Over time, they undergo a process known as osseointegration, where the titanium post fuses with the bone, forming a robust anchor. This integration is crucial as it helps maintain jaw structure and prevents bone loss, thereby enhancing both facial aesthetics and oral functionality. 

Dental implants are a preferred choice not only for their aesthetic and functional benefits but also for their ability to improve oral hygiene and overall dental health.

New Smile In A Day

Our ‘New Smile in a Day’ procedure epitomizes the pinnacle of dental innovation, allowing patients to enter our clinic and leave within the same day with a full set of functional, aesthetically pleasing temporary teeth. This rapid transformation is facilitated by state-of-the-art technology which enables precise implant placement and immediate loading of temporary teeth. 

This streamlined process significantly minimizes the discomfort and extended treatment periods often associated with conventional implant procedures, offering an expedient solution for patients eager to restore their smile without the lengthy healing times typically required.


The All-On-X system is an advanced, full-arch rehabilitation solution designed for patients who have lost multiple teeth or are completely edentulous (without any natural teeth). This technique involves the strategic placement of four to six implants across the dental arch. These implants serve as a foundation for a fixed, permanent bridge meticulously crafted to replicate the natural appearance and function of genuine teeth. 

The All-On-X method not only restores a full arch of teeth but also preserves facial structure and prevents the bone deterioration that often accompanies tooth loss. Patients benefit from a renewed ability to chew and speak with ease, alongside a significant boost in self-esteem and oral health.


The All-On-4 technique is an innovative approach to full-arch restoration, ideal for patients seeking a reliable alternative to conventional dentures or bridges. This procedure involves the placement of four strategically positioned implants within the jawbone. These implants support a full-arch bridge, which can be installed in a single session. The strategic angle of two of the implants ensures optimal support, even in patients with minimal bone density, eliminating the need for bone grafting in most cases. 

All-On-4 is celebrated for its ability to provide immediate improvements in stability and comfort, significantly enhancing the patient’s quality of life by offering a solution that closely simulates the look and function of natural teeth.

Natural Bone Grafting With Implants

For patients who lack sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants, natural bone grafting provides a reliable solution to create a strong, stable foundation. This procedure involves the augmentation of the jawbone with bone grafts, which can be sourced from the patient’s own body, a donor, or synthetic materials. During the bone grafting process, the graft material is carefully placed and secured in the areas of insufficient bone. Over time, the graft integrates with the existing bone, enhancing its volume and density.

This integration is crucial for ensuring the stability and durability of the dental implants. A robust jawbone is essential for the long-term success of implants, as it supports the implant posts and prevents them from shifting or failing. Bone grafting not only facilitates the placement of implants but also helps preserve the natural contours of the face and jaw, preventing the sunken appearance that can result from significant bone loss. By rebuilding the jawbone, natural bone grafting restores the structural integrity needed for optimal dental health and implant success.

Dentures & Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures have long been used as a remedy for extensive tooth loss, but they are frequently criticized for their limitations in fit and comfort, which can significantly impact daily life. To address these challenges, our practice offers implant-supported dentures, a more advanced and stable alternative. These dentures are anchored securely to the jaw using dental implants, which act as sturdy roots. This anchorage dramatically enhances the fit, preventing the slipping and shifting typical of conventional dentures, and improves chewing ability and speech clarity. Implant dentures also help maintain jawbone integrity, preventing the bone loss often seen with standard dentures, thus supporting facial structure and improving overall oral health.

Implant Repair

Dental implants are designed for longevity, but they may occasionally require maintenance or repairs due to normal wear and tear or unforeseen complications. Our clinic is proficient in the nuanced care of these implant repairs, ensuring that any issues with the implant, abutment, or prosthetic components are expertly addressed. Whether it’s adjusting the fit, replacing a component, or addressing an infection, our dedicated team works meticulously to restore full functionality and comfort, safeguarding your dental health and extending the life of your implants.

Laser Implant Placement

At the forefront of dental technology, we utilize precise laser techniques for the placement of dental implants. This cutting-edge method is less invasive than traditional surgical methods, using laser energy to prepare the bone and tissue with minimal discomfort and bleeding. This precision not only facilitates a cleaner and quicker procedure but also significantly reduces recovery time, allowing patients to heal faster and with less pain. 

Laser implant placement represents our commitment to providing you with the most advanced and patient-friendly dental care available.

Sedation Dentistry

Understanding that dental procedures can induce anxiety for many, our practice offers IV sedation to help patients achieve a calm and stress-free experience. IV sedation is administered intravenously, allowing for rapid onset and easy adjustment of sedation levels throughout the procedure. This form of sedation is ideal for longer dental procedures and for patients who experience significant dental anxiety. 

Under IV sedation, patients remain conscious and can respond to commands but are in a state of deep relaxation, often with little memory of the procedure afterward, ensuring comfort and tranquility during their dental visit.

Dental Implants FAQs

Do you have questions about dental implants? Our comprehensive FAQ section below will share answers to common queries about implant types, the procedure process, aftercare, and more.

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. This post functions as a stable anchor for mounting replacement teeth or bridges. Dental implants do not come loose like dentures can and offer a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Most adults who are in good general health and have adequate bone in their jaw to support an implant are good candidates. Patients should also have healthy gums and be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene practices. A detailed evaluation by a dental specialist will determine if dental implants are the right choice for you.

The process can vary depending on individual cases and the number of implants being placed. Typically, it includes an initial consultation, the placement of the implant, a period of healing (osseointegration), and the placement of the crown. The entire process can take from a few months to over a year.

The cost of dental implants can vary depending on the complexity and type of implant procedure needed. At Dental Team of Ocala, we believe in transparent pricing and will provide a detailed cost breakdown during your consultation. We also offer various financing options to ensure affordability for all our patients.

Most people who have received dental implants say that there is very little discomfort involved in the procedure. Local anesthesia can be used during the procedure, and most patients report that implants involve less pain than a tooth extraction.

Dental implants require the same care as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, and regular dental check-ups. Good oral hygiene must be practiced daily to ensure the health and longevity of your implants.

Dental implants generally have a success rate of about 95%. Factors such as the patient's overall health, oral hygiene, and the expertise of the implant surgeon can influence the success rate.

While it is rare, implants can fail due to factors like infection, insufficient bone density, or excessive stress on the implant. Smoking can also significantly increase the risk of implant failure. Regular follow-ups with your dentist and proper oral care are essential to monitor and maintain implant health.

Choose Excellence With Dental Team of Ocala

At Dental Team of Ocala, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Montoya’s expertise in implant dentistry, combined with our state-of-the-art technology and compassionate approach, ensures that your journey to a perfect smile is smooth and successful. 

Schedule your consultation today to discover how we can enhance your smile and confidence with our specialized implant solutions. Rediscover your best smile with us—where patient care meets dental excellence.

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