At Dental Team of Ocala, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care to our community in Ocala, FL. We understand the importance of dental insurance and financing in making dental services accessible and affordable. Our goal is to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent you from receiving the dental care you need.

Available Financing

Understanding that some patients may not have insurance or may need assistance with out-of-pocket costs. We aim to make dental care approachable through flexible third-party financing options. Our popular financing partners include the following:


Offering low-interest and flexible payment plans, CareCredit allows you to spread your payments over several months, making both essential and cosmetic dental treatments more affordable. This option is ideal for procedures not typically covered by insurance.


Sunbit provides another flexible financing option, designed to ease the burden of dental expenses with short-term payment plans that fit your budget. Quick approvals and minimal paperwork ensure that you can begin your treatment without delay.

Proceed Finance

For those facing larger dental cases, Proceed Finance specializes in offering extended financing options. With their focus on larger treatment plans, they provide long-term loans with competitive rates, ensuring that even the most significant dental work is financially attainable.

We are seasoned in assisting patients to find the most suitable financing solutions, making your dental treatment affordable without compromising on quality.

Insurance Information

Accepted Insurance Plans

At Dental Team of Ocala, we accept a wide range of dental PPO insurance plans. We are experts in navigating the complexities of dental insurance to maximize your benefits.

Excluded Insurance Plans

Please be aware that we do not accept the following:

  • State-funded Medicaid
  • Grid Insurance Plans
  • Freedom
  • Argus
  • Union Insurance
  • Medicare Supplemental Plans

For patients with the above plans, we invite you to visit us as a self-pay patient. We will provide you with a detailed itemized statement for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Expert Insurance Navigation

Insurance Expertise

Our team prides itself on being insurance experts. We understand the intricacies of various plans and are adept at helping patients navigate their options to ensure they receive the best possible coverage.

Please be advised that the information provided here is subject to change. We commit to regularly updating our website with the most current information to assist you better.

Stay Informed

Please note that the information provided here is subject to change. We are committed to keeping our website updated with the most current and accurate information to help you better understand your insurance and financing options.

For any questions or further assistance, please reach out to our friendly team at Dental Team of Ocala. We are here to help you achieve and maintain your perfect smile, irrespective of your insurance or financial situation.

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